1. Purpose of the Event

Decide the Titles of the MKsz Junior Hungarian Champions.
Provide an opportunity for the Knockdown Karate practitioner
child, pubescent, juvenile and junior competitors to compete.
Deepen the sport friendship within the Association.
Tighten the relationship with representatives of other organizations and styles.
Test a new event organization and faciliation method.

2. Organizer of the Event

The Hungarian Shidokan Karate Association and the Bushido Sport Club

3. Date and Time of the Event

October 3rd 2020 (Saturday) 12:00 PM

4. Location of the Event

Pestszentimrei Sportkastély (Budapest XVIII., Kisfaludy u. 33/c)

Special Guests of the Event

Sándor Szaniszló, Deputy Mayor of XVIIIth District Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre, János Mészáros, PhD, President of the Hungarian Karate Association,

and Hungarian branch leaders and representatives of international organizations
who accept our invitation.

5. Participants of the Tournament

Knock-down associations and clubs of the Hungarian Karate Association,
and competitors from invited clubs.

6. Rules of the Tournament

By the knock-down rule book of the Hungarian Karate Association,
in both systems of rules (traditional and body shield using systems).

7. Divisions

In the traditional system of rules
Children III. - U8 Division 2012-2013: Boys: -25 kg, -30 kg, -35 kg, +35 kg. Girls: -20 kg, -25 kg, -30 kg, +30 kg. Children II. - U10 Division 2010-2011: Boys: -30 kg, -35 kg, -40 kg, +40 kg. Girls: -25 kg, -30 kg, -35 kg, +35 kg. Children I. - U12 Division 2008-2009: Boys: -40 kg, -45 kg, -50 kg, +50 kg. Girls: -35 kg, -40 kg, -45 kg, +45 kg. Pubescent - U14 Division 2006-2007: Boys: -45 kg, -55 kg, -65 kg, +65 kg. Girls: -40 kg, -45 kg, -55 kg, +55 kg. Juvenile - U16 Division 2004-2005: Boys: -60 kg, -70 kg, -80 kg, +80 kg. Girls: -50 kg, -60 kg, +60 kg. Junior - U18 Division 2002-2003: Boys: -65 kg, -75 kg, -85 kg, +85 kg. Girls: -55 kg, -65 kg, +65 kg.

Body shield using divisions
Children II. - U10 Division 2010-2011: Boys: -32 kg, -39 kg, +39 kg. Girls: -32 kg, +32 kg. Children I. - U12 Division 2008-2009: Boys: -40 kg, -52 kg, +52 kg. Girls: -35 kg, -42 kg, +42 kg. Pubescent - U14 Division 2006-2007: Boys: -42 kg, -52 kg, -62 kg, +62 kg. Girls: -45 kg, -55 kg, +55 kg.

8. Age Groups

9. President of the Jury

Shihan Zsolt Somogyi 8. dan

Chief Referees

Shihan János Horváth 6. dan
Shihan Zsolt Csizmadia, PhD 5. dan

Referees of the Tournament

Referees delegated by the Hungarian Shidokan Karate and other invited referees.

10. Deadline for Registration

You can register your competitors until September 20th 2020, using this web site.
Please observe this deadline to help the organizers!

11. Registration Fees

5,000 HUF/person, which must be paid for each registered competitor.
Please read the "Important Note" below!

12. Agenda of the Event

13. Conditions of Competing

14. Awards

15. Entry Fees

The entry of 1 escort for each club, plus 1 person for every 10 competitor is free.,
Others pay 3,000 HUF/person (above the age of 18) 1,500 HUF/person (above the age of 10)

Important Note

Due to COVID, the following rules apply:

  • Everyone attends the event at their own risk!
  • The management of the Sportkastély limited the number of escorts/visitors!! Wearing masks is compulsory for everyone in the viewing area! If any of the competitors, coaches, judges, organizers, technical staff, (even if only temporarily) go to the viewing area, are to wear masks as well.
  • It's mandatory to keep safe social distancing of 1.5-2m at all times.
  • Competitors in the fighting/warm up area are not mandated to wear masks.
  • Coaches, judges, organizers, technical staff in the fighting/warm up area are advised to wear masks, but it's not compulsory.
  • The management of Sportkastély and/or the Health Authorities are going to monitor the event. Violation of rules may result immediate closure of the event, and payment of fines.
  • Registration is valid only with completed COVID displaimer, which is to be supplied at registration. You may find the disclaimer form as the last page of this description.

Medical examination
The medical examination can be done at home, but proper documentation must be submitted. The result of the medical examination must be registered with the signatures of the examining doctor and the club's coach, within 48 hours preceding the tournament. Clubs who elect to perform the medical examination at home, will pay 4.000 HUF per person. Larger clubs can save substantial costs this way.

The clubs will do the weighing at home, and submit the weights during online registration. Competitors must be at their registered weights on the day of the tournament (1 kg difference is allowed). At the tournament, only validation weighings are allowed, per the request of the chief referee. Difference in weight might result in the disqualification of the competitor!


The drawing is going to take place on Friday; any changes beyond that point will not be accepted. Thus, I would like to ask the club leaders to specify exact age and weight data on the registration sheet! Competitors, who weigh over, will be closed out of the tournament, those weigh under, will be filed with the minimum of their weight division! Depending on the number of the registrations, we may consolidate or split categories! Non-attendance is accepted only with medical certificate after registration! Otherwise the registration fee MUST BE paid! We CAN'T accept new registrations at the event!

Thanks for everyone's understanding.

Budapest, September 4th 2020

I wish you success in your preparation and in the tournament!

Shihan Attila Kiss 6. dan
Bushido Sport Club